By the Numbers

I haven’t been ignoring my quilt entirely… but someone asked me about it 3 weeks ago and I started doing the math in my head and got overwhelmed. I’ve thought about it a few times since then.


The big news is, the votes have been tallied and #6 was the winning pattern! I’ve started playing with some scrap fabric to test it out, and I’ve determined that it’s going to look ah-maze-ing! But it’s certainly going to try my patience to get all those lines and corners lined up.

Judging by the corners on this one, I’m going to need a good seam ripper.

So now I’m in the planning stage. My first step is figuring out my measurements, raw cut sizes versus finished sizes. How that all adds up to a finished quilt. How many pieces need to be of each sized cut, each pattern of fabric, and ultimately, do I have enough fabric to make this work. That last one is the most critical and I haven’t gotten close to tackle that yet. Also, some of my math is inevitably wrong. I most definitely don’t have the energy right now to double check it.

*Deep Breath*

Here it goes…




Finished Quilt Size= 96.5″x 111.5″ – Full/Queen Size Quilt

Quilt Blocks = 42  blocks at a finished size of 13.5 inches square.

Block Breakdown = 6×6 blocks of half triangle squares equaling 36 squares within each block. 72 triangles per block.

Block borders = 71 rectangles measuring a finished size of 1.5″x 13.5″

Connecting Squares between borders = 30 squares at a finished size of 1.5″

Four outside borders


Raw Cut Totals:

-3,024 triangles

-71 rectangles

-30 squares

-4 border pieces




See, the idea of cutting over THREE THOUSAND triangles seems slightly overwhelming. But it would be so epic! The urge to accept the challenge is strong but also, incredibly daunting. I feel like I’ve committed at this point, I have to make it happen.

In the next week, I’ll be measuring out my feedsack cuts to determine if I have the ability to make this pattern happen. If I don’t, I have two options: reassess my pattern and quilt size or beg family members to gift me some of their cuts to realize my dream (which is asking A LOT). Maybe my sister would be gracious considering she’s used a lot of hers already and might not need the remnants. Tune back in to find out how the remainder of the planning process goes!


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