The Long Awaited: Part One – The Reveal

I just realized how long it’s been since the last post. Even though I have yet to make a single cut, I promise I’ve been productive.

First, the Craft Cave got a complete and total overhaul. And because I’m really horrible at before and after pictures, this is the best “Before” shot I’ve got:


Beginning sometime after the new year, after researching how to handle painting sloped ceilings and researching on Pinterest, I settled on “Jamaican Dream” and decided to paint everything blue, per many recommendations on the internet.

Finley was not amused.

But with the help of my wonderful sister, brother in law and amazing boyfriend, we got it primed with Killz (because seriously, cats and cigarette smoke from the previous owners did a number on a house) and then two coats of color!

And with some new furniture thanks to my Aunt Kay and some  more pieces that were finally moved into a functioning space, I have a bold and beautiful craft room!


It’s still has a little ways to go, like trim work, maybe some curtains, slightly more comfortable chairs and maybe even a tv, but for right now, it’s functional, and that’s what is important. Everything else in due time.


And time is a string of pearls
Your blue room
Once again
See the future just hanging there
Your blue room
A new frame
A new perspective
Looking down on my objectives
Your instructions
Whatever their directions
Your blue room

-U2 “Your Blue Room”

So that wraps up today’s post. Part two is coming in a few days that actually pertains to the progress of the feed sack quilt itself with a peak at the fabrics! Have a good week!


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