Things to Come!

Just a quick update. No new projects to share today, but there is a Brother SE-400 sitting in my dining room. Projects will be coming!


My darling boyfriend’s mother and I have been discussing some embroidery projects and I have been put in charge of execution. I’ve only done minimal embroidery that my Babylock Espire can do, so I’m excited to be venturing out into real monograming and applique. She managed to find this machine at a yard sale and it was a great steal to experiment on, so in the next few days it’ll be making it’s way out of the box and we’ll see what it can do! I’ll be posting pictures once the first projects are complete!


P.S. The cover photo up top is the first glimpse of the total eclipse! But of course you can’t tell from my iphone. We were worried we were going to miss it all when that cloud moved over right as totality began. But as you can see it  passed and we got the view of a lifetime! It was stunning, left me speechless and I’m already planning to travel to see the next one in 2024! It was beautiful!

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