A case for abandonment

Okay, so it looks like I might have abandoned you. But in my defense…



No, I have no defense. 


-I took a long arm quilting class! What is longarm quilting? Watch this video!

(I fell in love. I’m saving every penny to maybe one day be able to put a down payment on one)

-Last fall I decided to sign up for my first craft show. I made all the neckwarmers, I made a record 5 quilts in 30 days. I made drawstring holiday gift bags for our farm’s honey. I MADE A PROFIT! (it wasn’t much, but I did spend it on a new pair of boots.)

-My niece Caroline was born! And y’all babies are exhausting and it’s not even MINE! But seriously, she’s perfect. Pure joy, loves it when my nails are sparkly, squeals over dogs and loves a spatula/magic wand.

-Two days after Caroline arrived, I GOT ENGAGED!!! Really, this is what I’ve been doing for the past eight months. We got married August 25th and it was perfect. Weddings aren’t really a competition, but sorry to everyone who has or will get married, we won.

-I’ve finished two baby quilts and a graduation quilt during my absence and I’m working hard on two throw memory quilts made from destructed suits.

-I’ve bought all the fabric for neckwarmers. Seriously, while it was still August I purchased THIRTY YARDS of flannel. Y’all gonna be warm and cozy this year. I’m currently scouting holiday markets so keep your ear to the ground and send me any leads you think might be a good event for me!

*end recap*

So basically since wedding planning is over all the sewing has commenced. Like I mentioned above I’m working on a pair of memory quilts made from deconstructed suits. It’s an hourglass pattern and so far there is a lot of stitching, cutting, ironing, more stitching involved. There are some sneak peaks of the blocks over on my instagram. The points are lining up BEAUTIFULLY, and we all know how I feel about lined up points.

Until next time!

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