2019 Goals!

Welcome to 2019! I hope the year is starting out absolutely wonderful for you all. I’ve got some big dreams for this year, and some of them I’m sharing with you to maybe hold me accountable.  Let’s get started shall we?

For starters, I’m going to call these goals, and not resolutions. To me, resolutions are things you do for a few days, maybe a full week and then leave in the dust. If you follow my instagram, you have already seen a glimpse into some of these.



  1. Doodle more! – I used to doodle all the time in high school. Thanks to an amazing art teacher in middle school, I was actually once pretty good. I know I’ve got that creative side to me if I just use it every once in a while. So I’ve decided to find some prompts to keep me going. The one I settled on is a couple of years old from the AQS Blog. (Of course I find a doodle prompt challenge on a quilting blog!) It’s pretty straight forward, but also provides a few abstract ideas like, “Jump” and “unbreakable”. I look forward to interpreting these and see where they lead me in my fabric and label designs. Here’s the link!
  2. Finish UFO’s – For you non-quilters, a UFO is an UnFinishedObject. I’ve got a big one that goes by “2016 State Fair Quilt”. It was actually the reason I started this blog. The time that it’s been sitting in ziplock bags waiting to be worked on is embarrassing. My goal this year is to finish at least ONE block per month.
  3. Learn new hand stitches– I saw this book before Christmas and almost bought it. hand-sewing.pngI think I was drawn to the simplicity of the stitches on the cover, or maybe it was the fact I had just hand stitched two quilt labels to the memory quilts for the first time ever just a couple of weeks before. I know the basics of hand stitching thanks to my grandma and what seemed like endless afternoons of stitching to paper napkins at her house but I know I want to get better. Or rather, I want a sewing hobby I can sit in bed and work on. Beds are comfy.
  4.  Make something for me – Okay, this one may be less obvious, but in a world of people yelling about self care all the time, I thought maybe I should make something for me. I haven’t made a quilt that I’ve kept since my first one. I think it’s about time that I just start cutting fabric and trying new things, not for other people but just because I enjoy quilting and I want to enjoy some of my quilts too.
  5. Set monthly goals … and try to stick to them – I think this one is pretty obvious considering the frequency I update this blog, but last year I made a list of topics I wanted to blog on and then never scheduled them. This year I’m overhauling my system and will be making a schedule with a new planner and hopefully will stay on track. I want to create more fabric patterns, upload new label templates to Etsy, I want to tell you about more craft projects I’m doing. I enjoy all these things and I want to make time for the things I enjoy.
  6. Explore new media – I often see prints of watercolors and think about how beautiful and delicate they are. My husband bought me a box of 100 crayons for Christmas (my childhood rejoiced!) So I want to try new things in art! Explore how they work and how they look and what I can achieve with them that I haven’t been doing.

So there they are. My goals for 2019. Hopefully some of them will work together and I can stay motivated past February to keep them going!

What are your goals or creative projects for 2019? Drop a comment and tell me about them!

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