The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

If you’ve hung around for a while, you’ve noticed that whenever a friend has a baby, I make the same quilt pattern. It’s tried and true, I came up with the design and pieces myself and honestly, I LOVE trying the same thing in new color ways. Each time I make it I’m excited to see how it works. Also, by making all the kids in the same family the same quilt patterns, it reduces the chance of someone complaining that the other got the cooler quilt.

(I don’t know if this is a thing that would happen, probably only to me as a child)

Anywho, in the latest iteration of “The Baby Quilt” I made it in a color way near and dear to my heart. Like the graduation quilt I made last year, this one was for another Wolfpack family, and seriously y’all, this is quickly becoming my favorite colors together. My favorite part of this one was how the quilt label really pulled it together to make it a special Wolfpack memento.

I based the label design on the one I did for Smallwood Baby #1 a few years ago, keeping the same Monogram and circle elements and updated it for the new theme, the NC State Wolfpack. Shortly after I graduated from State, the school began using lines from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book in their promotional elements, and they are so perfect as words of advice for a new wolf pup. I love these lines so much, that it’s probably good they didn’t start using them until after I graduated, because I probably would have gotten them tattooed across my chest during a wild Hillsborough Hike Night.

But I digress. I’m super excited to get to meet this little wolf pup soon and I know his family is adjusting to happily being a family of four now. But with no further ado, the pictures: (click to view a larger version)




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