Everyone, Meet Lenni!

This is a day I never thought would happen. At least not for thirty years maybe…

So pretty in the morning light!

But today, I’m here to tell you about the biggest and latest addition to my quilting studio, my APQS Lenni Longarm Quilting machine.


Lenni is one of the more compact quilting machines from APQS and has an 8×22 inch throat space. I chose the 12′ quilting frame for her with the bliss track to make it easier to smoothly maneuver her 38 pound frame. She was built to order here in America and has a lifetime warranty (a huge selling point for me!)

I literally cannot wait to show you what Lenni can do. I know this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will let me not only finish quilts faster, but really test my creativity in quilting. Hopefully within a few months and with some practice, I’ll be ready to accept customer quilts, and help others finish their beautiful projects! Be sure to follow my instagram at @patchworkaplenty for regular updates of what’s being loaded onto Lenni for quilting!

A little doodling work to practice. Just ignore all the extra threads on the take-up roller at the top, there is definitely a learning curve!



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