About Me

Hello there! I’m Morgan. This is my blog.

This is me with my first quilt displayed at the 2014 NC State Fair!
This is me with my first quilt displayed at the 2014 NC State Fair!

I started sewing at a young age. My grandmother on my mother’s side, a former seamstress, used to give my sister and I paper napkins, a box full of buttons and a needle and thread. It was her way of teaching us something usefully, while also keeping us occupied.

My mother was always sewing when I was small. She made us dresses for each holiday, she made all of our costumes for Halloween, school plays, and projects. And then she would even make clothes for our dolls! But it didn’t stop at sewing clothes, she would make Christmas tree ornaments and holiday decorations and in general, all kinds of amazing crafts. But one craft my mother never tackled was making a quilt. But oh, she dreamed. She sketched and bought fabric and colored and marked books… but she never made one. After she passed away in 2014, I made it my personal goal to make a quilt. And not only that, enter it in the NC State Fair. That same year I entered my first quilt in the “First Time Quilters” category. Quilting became my therapy, and has now become my passion.

Over the years, I’ve had many urges to create a blog, but could never settle on a subject that I was passionate enough about.  But in the fall of 2015 I ventured out on a quest to make the best quilt I’ve ever made, using the most important fabric I’ve ever been gifted (or purchased) in hopes of gaining recognition in the North Carolina State Fair. Really, if I don’t place I don’t care. But it’d be cool if I did. Really this is more about creating something beautiful from the feedsacks my Grandma Reba and later Aunt Sue had saved for many, many years. And I want to be able to share my journey with my family, friends and anybody who may have an interest in quilting.

So along this journey, feel free to comment, ask questions, critique and offer suggestions. Because quilting has been a community effort since the beginning.

In addition to being a fabriholic, I also flex my creativity through graphic design and other crafts. From time to time I’ll feature these projects here as well.  Please enjoy!

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