Mama Baa and Friends

Back at the end of August, I had one of those nights. You know, the kind of night that you wake up at 2:37 wide awake, no hope of sleeping for the rest of the night, or at least not until finally dozing off 18 minutes before your alarm goes off. Yeah, one of those nights. Anywho, I found myself perusing Facebook, like a normal insomniac, and came across a post from a local quilt guild advertising a going out of business sale nearby. Now, I hate to hear that a quilt shop is going out of business, mostly because I feel like I could have personally kept them in business if I had only known they existed before this post. But luckily, this was more of a retirement sale than anything. The shop had actually closed a few months before but was opening up for a few hours to try and liquidate stock.


I drove on over to Jacksonville to check this place out and I was not disappointed. A few of the items I scored while there were these absolutely adorable panels.

I’m always up for a good craft project and these are perfect for someone just learning to sew, or for a seasoned crafter looking for a good gift project. So naturally, I bought ALL OF THEM. They are listed at my Etsy shop, and because I was able to get them at such a steal, I’ve carried the savings over to you! Keep an eye on my Instagram (@patchworkaplenty) for the completed shots. One panel gets you all four Mamas and their babies. Once you see how adorable these are, you’ll definetly want to make them for the youngin’ in you life.

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